Predazzo – with the hamlet of Bellamonte in the East and Mezzavalle in the North – is the most populated village of Val di Fiemme (about 4.500 inhabitants) and lays on the confluence between the rivers Avisio and Travignolo. Thanks to its position, it represents a very important crossing among Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa, Primiero and Agordino area. 

Until 1963 it was the terminus of the railway Ora-Predazzo, which was built by the Austrians during the First World War. 

Predazzo is the residence of the Alpine School for the Revenue Guard Corps, where they train the soldiers specialized in the alpine rescue and they host the skiers of Fiamme Gialle group.

In Predazzo there is the headquarters of Regola Feudale, a private right institution born in the XIV century. It administrates the properties (mostly the woods) for the “vicini”, the most ancient families of the village.

As a token of the importance of Predazzo as centre for geological researches – already last century it was known as “Geological garden of the Alps” - there is the Civic Museum of Geology, that promotes and increases the value of the knowledge of the local geological and mineralogical richness.

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